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"People never change because they're under threat or under duress. Never. They change because they see something that makes their life seem valuable enough to start moving toward a life worth living." --Robert Downey, Jr.


"Fear is the number-one emotion that we're spending tremendous amounts of brainpower to cover up." --Jodie Foster


"There is nothing simple or easy about becoming a congruent human being. Yet, accomplishing inner congruence is the jewel around which spins all the other goals we associate with the reasons we pursue a spiritual path. You cannot be truly healthy if you are out of alignment; you cannot be truly honest with yourself or others if your head and heart exist as two separate forces within you; you cannot ever know what the fulfilled life is about if you are always compromising your intuition and inner guidance for fear of the consequences; you can never consider yourself a truly honest person if you live a life of continual compromise and self-betrayal. Nor can you fully heal when you fear truth and honesty.”                      -Caroline Myss

"If I have an audience, it's a gift. If you look out and the lights come up - to see that many people agreeing on something - I just find it so powerful. What happens when so many people agree on something? Can we take this beyond the parking lot when we leave tonight?" -- Eddie Vedder


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